Why Simple?

A group of experienced designers, marketers, and project managers met on a quiet night and shared a common though - "Why do people work in the most redundant and complicated way?"
The idea started from there and snowballed through a number of projects, quickly and always in the simplest way.
We work in teams. Each team consist of experienced, intelligent, down-to-earth people. And we are dedicated to do our best.

Design Team

Love combining the mind of the customer, body of the brand, and a little bit of their soul to the project. Makes things look pretty. Listens to the groove all the time.

Programming Team

Coding monkeys that likes coffee and bananas. Customer never understand what they talk about until we have a translator.

Social Media Team

They like posting and sharing like a mad man.Sarcastic mindset with the result in mind, almost act like a spy.